Mr Fantasy is Here!


3 Poverties_Mr FantasyThe new Brother & Brother track Mr Fantasy is here!

We love funk music, there is nothing quite as much fun as boogying hard to a really groovy funk track – especially when the whole audience is jamming and singing along too. Mr Fantasy is one of those tracks, it also happens to be the first funk track we ever wrote. Not only did we want to capture that atmosphere with this track, but we also wanted it to have a strong message about how some of the fantasies that are offered by media and what we see and hear, can be detrimental to one’s life. “There’s nothing but sex on the radio, next in the videos, naked underagers with their necks in the merry-go-round…” Don’t buy into the hype.

Artists we referenced here include Jamiroquai, K-OS, Gorillaz, Moloko, Santana, Level 42, The Neptunes, The Roots, Taylor Swift, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Nile Rogers (Chic/Daft Punk), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, EJ von Lyrik and 340ml

Thank you for all those involved in the production of the track including David Dos Santos (Drums), Christo Kleinhans (Management), Pierre-Arnold Theron (SUN Studios), Casper Ace (Studio Gear), Tim Lengfeld (TL Mastering), Ro Su Engel (Video) and Juanita-juliet Domingo (Styling).

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Brother & Brother Vlog #2: Mr Fantasy Drops Tomorrow!


3 Poverties_Mr FantasyCurious to hear our new Brother & Brother track? Here’s a little vid I made to promo it which utilises some rap and some Oorlams TV presenting, it drops tomorrow on Soundcloud! Not just that, it also functions as a lekka promo for my home studio, if you’d like your stuff produced gevaarlik, contact me NOW. A big thank you to Ro Su Engel (Supplier of gear + Director of Photography – she also happens to be producing a documentary on my journey as Fruit Vendor, see if you can get her in to film your projects) and Juanita-juliet Domingo (Sound + Styling). I also didn’t know I could do the whole editing thing, well whaddya know – there’s a first for everything. It’s amazing what hair conditioner, a few different camera angles and a full tummy can do.


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Mr Fantasy: Schoolboy Fantasies


Drawing in ClassOne of my favourite things to do when I was growing was to do little drawings. My earliest memory of being an artist was probably around 4 years old, getting lost in a fantasy world where characters being drawn on a page can occupy your time for hours and hours. This was even before I got serious about music, I loved drawing. I had exercise books full of comics, doodles and absurd stories. Later, I started using my brother as a tattoo canvas.

Drawing of Jaco Pastorius

Drawing of Jaco Pastorius

During puberty I got interested in girls and that’s when I started drawing the female anatomies. Also having gone to an all boys school, this was a hit among my school mates – many of them would dictate how the stories would unfold day by day, so every afternoon after school I would draw a few more pages. Then one day my Dad found one of these books and shocked, uttered the words, “No son, what is this? There’s mos just sex in these drawings” and I said, “Ja, but you wanna mos send me to a boys school – what do you expect!” One could say I was caught up in fantasies and needed an outlet. I’ve turned over a new leaf hence.

Herewith the artwork for my band Brother & Brother‘s new funk track Mr Fantasy which we are launching online on Friday. This was just a doodle in a notepad I did at the BASA Basics Cape Town workshop two weeks ago – which I then coloured in on recommendation by Nadia Wolfaardt (thanks man!). Big love to Roger Williams State of the Art Illustration for being my creative springboard and for all your feedback. Other artists I referenced here include Mike Shinoda, Jamie Howlett, Doze Green, Picasso and general africanism.

3 Poverties_Mr Fantasy– Josh

Mr Fantasy Appetiser: Play That Funky Music


Once I was a boogie singer, playing in a rock ‘n roll band…Some kickass, high energy footage of us doing “Play That Funky Music” at Aandklas earlier this year. Real fat funk just to appetise ya for the launch of our new funk tune Mr Fantasy this Friday. Check out the call and response at the end. Yeah boi..!

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It Just Takes Ten Seconds: How We Took A Chance Encounter and Immortalised It


The new Brother & Brother track “Ten Seconds” is finally here!

After a chance encounter with a homeless man on the streets of Muizenberg about three/four years ago, I was inspired to write a song about this man’s life. The man kept reiterating that it “just takes ten seconds” for a person’s life to change. The notion stayed with me ’til about nearly two years ago, when I finally put pen to paper.

It turned out that the man was a war veteran of the Border War in Angola who had seen his best friend shot dead before his eyes. After returning to South Africa, his life never went back to what it was before he was conscripted. He lost his house and family, wife and children and ended up living under a bridge. During the encounter the man and his friends sang hymns, weeped and hugged me, all the while reiterating that in only ten seconds, it can all change. This is that man’s story. It’s one of our crowd favourites.

Artists we referenced for the track include Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Nile Rogers (Chic/Daft Punk), Mark Ronson, The Killers, Jamiroquai, The Sugarhill Gang and Mike Shinoda.

Have a listen and tell us what you think in the comments section:

Look out for our debut EP “Vagabond Youth” which is coming soon.

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Brother & Brother Vlog 1: Ten Seconds, Dancing like a White Boy and Other Band Shenanigans


One really cool thing about being in a band is that you get to experience all the shenanigans both on stage and off! Since we self-produce, this is a bit of what we get up to while crafting songs nearly 2 years in the making…while dancing like white boys. We present to you Brother & Brother Video Blog #1: Teaser to our new track Ten Seconds (which drops online in two days).

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New Brother & Brother Track “Ten Seconds” – Coming this Friday


The new Brother & Brother track “Ten Seconds” drops this Friday! Just repeat after me…it just takes ten seconds (just takes ten seconds)…it just takes ten seconds (just takes ten seconds)…

After months of hard work it’s nearly here. And then of course, when you can’t afford a designer, but you need artwork…do it yourself – (it just takes Ten Seconds…NOT!).


I used a really cool technique for subtracting texture from the imagery, which I learned from Amber Morgan – whose FREE handlettering guide I downloaded on recommendation from my buddy, hip hop artist Jerome Rex. Thanks Mr Rex.

For the inked look, I referenced the amazing work of one of my favourite local graphic designer/illustrators Roger Williams, who has taken me under his wing whenever I get the chance to hang out at his place. You may recognise him from the work he’s done with Opel’s new Adam, renowned theatremaker Brett Bailey, hip hop legends Prophets of Da City, afro-electro group Gazelle, soulful diva EJ von Lyrik and Godessa among many others.

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